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Such a great place to go for kids!  Great service every time were in. Staff are friendly, professional and there's just a great atmosphere.  I highly recommend this place when considering somewhere to go for braces.


They made my family's teeth look amazing and everyone at his office is very nice!


I have Invisalign and my 13-year-old daughter has traditional braces, both from Dr. Noel. He has made the entire process as comfortable as possible for both of us. His knowledge and mannerism have made the experience much better than what I had with my Orthodontist as a child. If you're considering getting your orthodontia at Noel Orthodontics, they come highly recommended by 2 dentists I've spoken with and my oral surgeon as well. The staff has always been wonderful in every way, and have gone above and beyond to answer my insurance and flexible spending account questions!


Great staff - friendly, competent, NICE! I would say the same for the Doctor too. A great place if you have Orthodontia needs. Great waiting area too. 

I had to have a retainer fixed, re-cemented in place. Very efficient and exacting service.
Highly recommend!


Great provider, beautiful work. Assistants are super friendly and efficient. Susan will help you with planning payments. One kid done, another in treatment, and mom might get Invisalign when it's all done. Wear your retainers!


They're a real group of professionals, and they were awesome with me during my awkward gawky 6th grade phase. They genuinely care about each other and I always recall being impressed with Noel's staff from top to bottom- you can always tell who does and who does not care about their job or coworkers, and they always were on top of everything.


Really nice and easy to work with. My niece referred us here and she absolutely adored the whole staff. We are just getting started but have a feeling it will be a great experience.


Excellent service, knowledge, and people!!


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911 Main St #160
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 655-5125

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Mon & Tue: 8a-5p
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